Sweetie is our extremely loving Landseer Newfoundland. She has an amazing coat and is trained very easily.


Jude is AKC registered and from Champion Bloodlines. She is a very large Newfoundland, and has the same silly personality as Chanelle 


This is our gorgeous English Golden Retriever. Molly is from generations of champion bloodlines and is show quality herself. 


Giovanna comes from a long line of champions. Born in Ukraine, she is a beautiful, sweet, good-natured champion AKC, UKC and CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. 


Our female Newfoundland is both loyal and intelligent. She is a wonderful big funny girl and is a dependable, sweet-natured family pet. 


Jerry is a gorgeous parti, red and white standard poodle. He is an amazing athlete and is bred from generations of champion bloodlines.

Meet the Parents


Ace is one of our Standard Poodle Sires. Champion bloodline and he is extremely fun-loving and intelligent! He sires our goldendoodle, newfypoo, bernedoodle and standard poodle puppies. 

 Top quality Newfypoo, Goldendoodle , Bernedoodle, and Standard Poodle Breeders

Our Champion Bred Standard Poodles

Prize Poodles and Doodles only breeds champion show quality dogs. We do not have "guardian homes" All parents are raised at our home with over 20 acres to roam freely. We feed only TLC Dog Food and supplement with a raw diet. We do not kennel our dogs, rather they are free to run in and out of their rooms as they please. With the freedom to roam and access to the lake directly behind our house it truly is a dogs paradise. Call or email us to schedule a visit to meet our parents - we are always available to do so!

The standard poodles for sale go home with proof of champion bloodlines as well. Our standard poodle puppies are bred with a variety of color. We have a black standard poodle sire along with standard parti poodles - Scroll down to see photos!


Slader is a new addition to our Breeding program. He is a phantom Standard poodle with markings we hope to produce tri-color Bernedoodles. He is very very sweet and makes a great part of our family. 

Newfypoo Grown Up


Maverick is our super funny F1 Newfypoo. He is exactly what we breed for and why we chose him to sire our F2 Newfypoo Standard Size litters. He acts how he looks - laidback, gentle and loving. 

Premium Quality Goldendoodles, Newfypoo's, Bernedoodles ‚Äč& st. Berdoodles



Rosie is our adorable English Goldendoodle. She is a wonderful addition to our program and is one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet. 

Parti Standard Poodle


Lilly is a Landsier Newfoundland and Sweeties sister. Like her sister, she has an amazing coat and has been a breeze to train. She is also has a great personality and is so funny.


Kierce is a beautiful young Irish Setter. She is definitely a lover and was very easy to train. We know that her amazing coat, personality and intelligence  will surely be passed down to her pups.


Pandora is the daughter of Iris. She is a gorgeous champion bloodline parti Standard Poodle and the mother of our F1B Goldendoodles


Poppi is a new addition to our breeding program. She is a champion bloodline registered Bernese Mountain Dog with a very loving personality. 


Cleopatra is an amazing F1 Newfypoo. She is both sweet and intelligent. She is very laid back, but is always ready to give love!