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Basic Supplies Needed

- High value, protein rich treats for training​

​- Food and water bowls (non-tip , stainless steel is suggested)

- Fitting collar and leash or nylon lead

​- Brushes and combs

​- Dog shampoo and conditioner

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Preparing For Your New Puppy

Purchase Puppy Food

To promote growth and health of your doodle they need the proper nutrition. That is why our puppies currently eat TLC puppy food. TLC is a fresh made premium pet food and according to unbiased site Dog Food Advisor, it is one of top holistic brands. (Read below a list of the benefits TLC has to offer) 

We also recommend keeping your puppy on this food. Below is a $5 off coupon with free shipping. We will also increase our health guarantee an additional year for feeding your puppy the best. 

Deposits are transferable to any of our litters/breeds for any reason! (future or present)  

Only reasons for a complete refund on deposit:

1. No puppy available at the time of selection

2. Specified gender not available

For final payment there is a 3% fee on credit card, and paypal. 

​*Checks are accepted, but must be mailed at least 2 weeks prior to puppy pickup. *

​​​And fill out the form on the bottom of this page

Get a Puppy Crate

Crate training is the easiest and fastest way to potty train your new puppy and purchasing one is a necessity. Below are some recommended sizes depending on the weight of your puppy as it grows.

Pre-Order Nuvet

Puppies have a very weak immune system, that's why we put ours on an immune booster from the day they are born. We highly recommend keeping them on Nuvet to ensure a healthy upbringing and to not disrupt growth. By doing this, we will also increase our health guarantee from 1 year, to 2 years. 

To learn more about Nuvet click here

Future Puppy Parent Form​

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