We have had a wonderful experience with PPD!  We got our Bernedoodle, Fozzie from them in May and he has been the most wonderful dog I've ever known. He is sweet, smart, laid back and healthy. We can't imagine life without him now!

-Bailey C.

On February 6, 2016, my husband and I brought our best friend, Melvin (F1b born 12/2/15), home from Prize Poodles and Doodles. Melvin wasn’t our first dog, but he was our first Goldendoodle. 

Growing up, I’ve always been highly allergic to most animals. We had a mutt poodle mix when I was a kid that I did fine with. My husband and I rescued a bichon/poodle mix in 2015 and again, no allergies. It was quickly discovered that if the dog was 50% or more poodle, my allergies were nonexistent. Therefore bringing me to the Goldendoodle breed. My dream dog. 

After a LOT of research, somehow I found Prize Poodles and Doodles. Within a few weeks of first contacting y’all we brought Melvin home. 

I just want to say THANK YOU for breeding responsibly. Thank you for the care you provided to our baby before he was ours. Thank you for your love of this breed and for giving us the opportunity to make our Goldendoodle dream a reality. 

The past 2 years with our boy have been indescribable. Melvin has stolen our hearts. We love him so much and in return, the love he has for us is undeniable. 

I can’t take this dog anywhere without people stopping me. I’ve referred y’all to so many people and will continue to do so. Thanks again! 

- Allison Nutt

Hey all, just wanted to brag on my Minnie. She's a newfypoo from Diamond + Phoenix's litter from Nov 2014. She is now a certified Therapy Dog! We are volunteering at an elementary school - the kids look forward to her weekly visits, they line up to read to her!

Caren Adams


Where are they now?

 "As CEO of a well-established dog rescue organization, I deal with a lot of dog breeders and representatives of other dog rescues nationwide.  There has been much negative attention placed on breeders and a lot of criticism.  I have to agree that there are people who do not deserve to be working in an animal industry, who are self-seeking, careless and even cruel. In very stark contrast, it is a great honor to be associated with Tom and his "Prize Poodles and Doodles" who represents the absolute finest in dog care and breeding that I have seen in over 25 years.  I assure you that you will not find a finer dog breeder as well as a human that cares deeper about his calling, his vocation, his work ethic, and his animals.  We got our newest personal dogs from him and we are just thrilled. They are working dogs, and as such they are always on display - from coat to temperament. This level of positive image is crucial for us.  We have a pair of half-sisters who are just big bundles of love.  They are just goofballs - and full of love, love, love!  They love us, they love children, other dogs, cats, playgrounds, oceans, and home.  They are big time showstoppers, and if there is any negative at all (LOL) is it that we are stopped everywhere we go so that people can admire them!  And how they love to show off!  They are very easy to train, and very, very smart! And guess what - they do not drool or shed!  That's right!   Mine is is a jumbo Newfypoo and is being trained specifically to be a working dog.  Her sister is a companion dog in her forever family home, following her 10-year-old human everywhere, and has been training for 7 months OFF LEASH! Amazing to watch!  The puppies both stand about 5 feet tall when giving a hug, and are just a couple of fluff balls of pure love. Whether you are looking for a companion dog, or seeking an especially trainable therapy dog, or service dog, Tom is the best breeder, in my book, that I have ever had the honor to deal with!  He takes care and time to find out the best fit for both dog and human, to provide a life-long positive relationship between the two.  We are extremely satisfied with Tom and his "Prize Poodles and Doodles" and highly recommend him to anyone seeking these special and precious dogs. "

- RKay (Big Dog Foundation, Inc.)

Cute Black English Goldendoodle
Cute Female Goldendoodle
Big Female Newfypoo

"I just wanted to let you know how much we love bodey! He is SUCH a good boy! No one can believe how calm he is for a puppy! He has already learned to walk on a leash, heel, sit, paw, down and we are working on stay and roll over. He stays by us and is great with the kids and other dogs! Thanks again for such an awesome puppy!​"

Big Male Newfypoo

"This is our newfypoo Tsaphah we got from Ace and Chanelle's litter last year, I think he was born Sept 3. Tsaphah is Hebrew for watchman. We live in Alaska. Last week we had some moose in our yard, a cow and her calf. They got close to the house and hung around all day. Tsaphah sensed we were a little nervous as we knew she would be protective of her calf. He tried to tell them to mosey along, he ran up to her and barked at her but he made the mistake of getting between them and so she put her ears back and charged. She didn't hurt him, just made him bark from a safer distance, lol. I attached some pictures of him. He never lets us leave his sight and he is never left home alone, he goes EVERYWHERE with us! He is so obedient, smart, and loving! My husband wanted a dog that would worship the ground he walks on and he got him! My daughter loves to brush him and fix his hair, lol, and my son wrestles with him and they run around together. He is much adored and appreciated and we thank you so much for allowing us to welcome this boy into our home."

Lyndsey Sanchez

" Hi Tom just wanted to tell you again how much we love Harley !! She is the sweetest and we can’t get enough of her ! I am also amazed that I am not allergic to her !

We have put off getting a dog for 30 years and I cannot be near any dog without having a Severe skin allergy and most of the times I have to leave my friends house is because I can’t be near the dog hair and be licked by their animals. I’m sorry to explain all this I just wanted to say you have the magic formula because I can’t touch her put her face up against mine and basically nothing happens to me it’s a miracle!!

We took her out today to the beach around here to walk her and I can’t tell you how many people stopped us to see her and pet her . She looks like a walking stuffed animal. I gave two woman your contact info today and your website . I want another one of her! She is perfect .

A friend of mine sent a picture of her into a trainer who is looking to do commercials and they chose her ! We are taking her Tuesday . They loved her photos out of all they saw . She was looking for a doodle ! What are her parents names agian ?  Just wanted you to know how much we love her !!! She has made out family happy beyond. My husband drive her to see my daughter at college today because Bridgette is the one who bought her and we promised to have frequent visits ! She is loved all over . Thank you again . I can’t believe the picture on the Internet became a wonderful realty for us and she is perfect!!"

If you have gotten a puppy from us, we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email at Support@PrizePoodlesandDoodles.com or text us  859-462-3950 with a picture of your doodle :)

"Didn't think it was possible but this sweet puppy can wear out a very, very active 7year old! Looked outside and saw them sitting together taking a break from their ball game :)"
- Beth Warren

Cute English Goldendoodle With Baby

We love our Mila, she is from the May 2015 Goldendoodle litter. She is so friendly and has the cutest personality!! Thank you so much!!!!

‎Michaela Grundy

WOW! We absolutely love PPD & our Rosie girl!!! We began working with Tom back in October 2015, discussing when we were wanting a puppy, and decided to put a deposit down at Christmas time. Tom was extremely educating and kept us in the know regarding our puppy! We emailed and spoke on the phone whenever a question came up, even if it was me just checking in on the upcoming litter! 

We were originally going to get a newfypoo puppy, but on memorial day weekend, we saw our Rosie girl posted to their facebook page...she was a black and brown goldendoodle that just stole our hearts immediately. We contacted Tom and asked if we could switch our deposit to her...and we were set up to pick her up that weekend! We drove from Michigan to Kentucky to get "Big Country" as we refer to her! 

We we arrived to the grooming studio, Rosie came out fresh and fluffy and totally adorable. The family owned studio felt like I was walking into my own family's studio...so welcoming and provided food, a clicker trainer, and spoke of their experience with Rosie...they knew her personality and loved her just as we did! 

We had a follow up call with Tom afterwards, just to be sure everything went smooth and I could just tell how much this little girl was loved! 

This girl has changed our lives, and everyone we meet adores her. 

My mom plans to get her next dog from PPD, and we will stay loyal to them as well. These dogs are totally adorable and worth any drive you need to make. 

Check out the photos of Rosie in the pictures! 

Thanks again PPD...you made our family complete!!!

-Lauren M.

Cute Black English Goldendoodle

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Cute Male Bernedoodle